About the site

About the site

This is the Tokyo Metropolitan University (“TMU”) OpenCourseWare (“OCW”) website, which was launched as one of the portals to “the learning opportunities provided by TMU”.

More specifically…..

  • OCW is a project developed to incorporate the dissemination of free educational materials that are used in the official university lectures on the Internet.
  • ”Official university lectures” refers to lectures provided for the semester or the year round unit courses to graduate and/or undergraduate students and that carry academic credits.
  • OCW offers not only the educational materials of “official university lectures” but also the educational materials of open lectures and/or other special lectures.
  • OCW aims to contribute to society by sharing the “lectures” that are the knowledge bank of the university which is “the place for accumulating knowledge”.
  • In using OCW, there is no need for application or registration regardless of any universities.
  • The publication of information via OCW has no relation to credit certifications and/or degrees at universities. And regardless of any lecture, no lecturer will guide or support any questions.

Are you a TMU faculty member and wishing to provide your course material to OCW?

Please contact us via e-mail: tmu_ocw-ml@ml.tmu.ac.jp